Rufus Country

Our leather is 100% vegetable tanned cowhide that has been finished with fats, waxes and tallow. It is similar to the leather used to create straps for horses. It is strong and long lasting, beautiful and naturally produced.

What is the white bloom or deposit that sometimes occurs on vegetable tanned leather?

Our leather is impregnated with oils, fats and waxes to make it strong, and keep it soft and supple. The white deposit you sometimes see on leather of this type is tallow, migrating to the surface of the leather. The leather we use is of the highest grade, and the oils, waxes and tallow are hand worked into the leather, to achieve a high degree of penetration.

Although we polish all items at the final finishing and inspection stage, the whiteness will migrate back to the surface after a period of time. This is quite normal, and is a sign of the high quality of leather we use and demonstrates the degree to which the waxes fats and oils have penetrated into the leather.

The leather, if brushed with a soft cloth or a clean brush, will buff back to a beautiful shine. The whiteness is a sign of quality and something that is much revered by connoisseurs of leather.

If needed additional tallow can be added to the surface of the Leather with a cloth and then brushed with a Horsehair brush to help to replenish the natural fats in leather.

For protection and conditioning of your new leather bag we suggest the use of Renapur leather wax. Available on our website or direct from This is especially important with our Tan coloured bags.

I have scratched my leather item, how can I repair it?

If you have accidentally scratched the surface of your  bag or wallet don't worry, all is not lost. The best way to repair it is to use a tinted leather cream of similar colour and apply this to the scratch, then buff it afterwards. This will restore the pigment onto the surface and hide the damage caused by the scratch. *ADVICE FOR COLOURED BAGS ONLY

Scratches on Tan bags should be treated with a dose of renapur wax.

My bag has got wet whilst on an adventure!

We recommend the use of a natural leather wax protector like renapur before you venture out with your bag. If you have been caught in the rain with your bag let it dry naturally/slowly away from a direct heat source. This will minimise the effect of the water and help prevent the creation of water lines on your bag. If the inside has become wet also, use a scrunched up old newspaper or something similar to soak up the moisture inside.