Rufus Country


juniper worn-new2.jpg

A little bit about our Tan leather:

Our Tan leather is what is known in Italy as a Vachetta leather. It is the natural leather colour generated in the first vegetable tanning process and holds the special quality of getting darker and richer with age. When you receive your tan bag freshly out of the Rufus Country box it will look light in colour. Do not worry this will change as soon as you start to use your bag. Sunlight makes the natural leather darken and it gains a natural patina with use. A few months in and the light colour will change into a beautiful rich tan that will only get better with age. Above is a new bag verses a used bag to give you a comparison. We take great pride in using premium leathers and tanneries that are at the top of their game!

All our other leather colours will remain the same through out their lifetime it is just the tan leather than changes with use.