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Mexico City Day of the Dead

travelfabian lintottComment

So recently I was lucky enough to spend a week in Mexico city over the day of the dead courtesy of Xfm and a well timed morning text. So competition won, myself and my brother Andy headed to Mexico city for a week of exploration and adventure. We arrived at mexico city airport at around 5am to find no driver waiting for us. Great start! After about 25mins finally we had a driver.

6am we arrived at the Gran Ciudad de Mexico. This Hotel is stunning. Location right on zocalo square and right in the heart of the historic centre. It has the most beautiful stain glass roof in the main lobby from the 1920s using Tiffany glass. The hotel was originally the first department store in Mexico City. It had some of the first elevators in Mexico City which are brilliant and still working. 


After a nap we went for a walk to hunt for some breakfast. We wondered around the local streets and what is immediately apparent that everything is separated in areas. Clothing shops in one street, diy in another, under crackers in another you get the idea. Breakfast found we continued our exploring. Afternoon we may of found a little bar and drunk a few of the 150 beers they had on the menu. We left the bar and found the streets full of people and when I say full I mean really full. Turns out we missed seeing the parade. oops but the beer was good! More to follow.......